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Attending the Colombia Support Network call out we propose an open letter to sign online, you can modify it and click send !

MINGA means in Quechua ( the Inca’s language) community work or collective work that benefits the entire community. Campesinos, Indigenous, Afro-Colombians, Environmental organizations and many different organizations in Colombia, declared a Minga Nacional Agraria, Campesina, Etnica y Popular calling for a national strike to express their disagreement with the political, social and economic principles implemented by the government . See ;…

At this moment when Colombia seeks to end a very long and painful conflict , it seems that the Colombian government does not want to leave behind its habits. Its answer to the Minga, which is legitimate and pacific and follows the constitutional right to dissent of the Colombian people, has been a military answer, through the national Army and Police. They are blocking communication signals in order to isolate the protesters and using pamphlets and media disinformation, such as accusing the protesters of being part of the insurgency, ignoring that the government itself is holding conversations to end the war with the guerrillas. All of this is oriented to delegitimize the protest. These actions are threatening and intimidating in order to produce psychological pressure and to generate fear.

Please write to Paula Gaviria, the High Commisioner for Human Rights of the President of Colombia, , expressing your opposition to the use of the military, the police and especially the anti- riot police ( ESMAD) on the civilian population at times when efforts are being made to have a peaceful Colombia.

And write to your respective Senators and Representatives at the US Congress to express to them your concern about U. S. Government support for the Colombian military and police which are engaged in suppressing legitimate civil protest.