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The more than 120 thousand persons detained in the prisons of Colombia under an unconstitutional state of things in accordance with the sentence T-153/98, not resolved in more than 15 years, but on the contrary, deepened and worsened exponentially day after day, with a national overcrowding that exceeds the 56 %, due to an annual growth rate of 12 thousand prisoners who occupy a space for not most than 72 thousand prisoners as well as a long number of chronic problems that make the humanitarian crisis a cancer that eats away the prison and penitentiary system.

WE URGENTLY CALL to a national mobilization in every placements, jails and prisons, as well as to family, friends, and NGO`S defenders of human rights, the social movement and the citizenship to support the requirement for urgent solutions.

On the 20th and 21st of October of 2014, we convened a peaceful civil disobedience, in every Colombian prisons, as well as to an external mobilization in order to:

  1. Decree the prison social emergency nationwide.

  2. Convene a National Roundtable of Agreement, on the prison crisis with the involvement of prisoners, family members and human rights NGO`S.

  3. Urgently approve the Bill 082, which is debating in the Republic Congress, to reduce sentences in at least 20%.

  4. The immediate attention to the local problems of each establishment.

Until now the solutions of the government have been completely useless, as were the prison social emergency, the opening of the new quotas, and the reform of the law 65/93.

Today, we call for urgent and deep solutions.


October of 2014.