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From August 15-30 2015, a new Caravan for the Defense of the Land will take place in Colombia, with the goal of shedding light on the human rights situation and land issues in both urban and rural areas. It will also denounce the prison crisis and the country's extradition policies.

Caravans are a mechanism used by Colombian organizations to break the isolation of regions under high military control due to their strategic extractive and energy reserves. They are composed of  national and international observers. The 2015 caravan will be mandated to publish a report, which will be presented to Colombian authorities and circulated by participating organizations.

The Caravan for the Defense of the Land will begin in Bogota and travel through different regions of Colombia in order to document the situation in prisons, visit key neighbourhoods in Bogota, hear cases of communities affected by mining projects as well as those threatened with displacement.

To learn more about the 2014 caravan, you can watch the video “En terrain miné”.

We invite all those in solidarity to join us in participating in this caravan. For more information, contact us at: