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REMISO! Resistance against the militarization of society!

REMISO is the name of a campaign organized by the National Association of the Youth and Students of Colombia (ANJECO). This campaign aims at denouncing the militarization of society and supports the voices of those that object to doing their military service. The term remiso also indicates the reluctance to do something and more specifically names those who refuse to participate in their military service and don’t present themselves to that obligation.

Impunity one year after the assassination of civil society leader Carlos Pedraza

On January 19, one year will have passed since the assassination of political and civil society leader Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo. He was known for his support for civil society processes in the southern neighbourhoods of Bogotá. As the government affirms that the conflict is near its end, the perpetrators of this crime remain unpunished.

With sale of Isagen, Colombian energy sovereignty is ceded to canadian company for a bargain price

On January 13, a majority share in the Colombian state-owned company ISAGEN was sold to Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian private investment fund. Controversy has at times swirled around the hydroelectric power company, as in the case of its unilateral decision in 2014 to end talks intended to manage the negative impacts of Hidrosogamoso, one of the country’s biggest hydroelectric power plants. Nevertheless, the sale of ISAGEN to Brookfield is far from achieving unanimous public acceptance.

Indigenous Resistance Against Oil Exploitation: Delegate of the Traditional Authorities of the U’wa People on Tour in Quebec (Colombia)

From November 7th to 19th, the PASC had the honnor to receive Felipe Uncacia, delegate of the Traditional Native Association of Arauca (ASCATIDAR, Colombia), as well delegate of the People’s Congress (Congreso de los Pueblos). Felipe Uncacia visited different communities with whom he shared the experience of his people against the oil exploitation in his region and the construction of a pipeline.

The website of Mined Lands! is now online!

Mined Lands! (Des-terres-minées!), is a project based on sharing and documenting living realities throughout different regions of so-called Quebec. We wish to create and open spaces of expression and collective reflections, on the themes of territory and extractivism issues (mining, hydrocarbon, wood exploitation, hydro-electric dams, etc.), through anti-colonial feminist perspectives. Come visit our website.

La Brèche, Regular News Flash Videos on hydrocarbon in Quebec and its surroundings

CALL OUT: International accompaniers in Colombia