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Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia

Project Accompaniment Solidarity Colombia

June 2021

After six weeks, the mobilizations in Colombia continue


Since Duque took office in August 2018, there have been constant mobilizations by diverse sectors. However, the current national strike has been the longest and most unifying social outbreak in Colombia. It has transcended the national strike of November 2019, which brought tens of thousands on the streets across the country for several weeks against the government’s policies. 


Statement National Popular Assembly


In Bosa, the ancestral territory of the Muisca peoples, the National Popular Assembly was held with the participation of more than 2,000 in-person and virtual delegates from different regions of the country in an autonomous and self-organized exercise. The Assembly  declares itself as a permanent process that constitutes itself as an organ of popular power.


 Repression at Canadian-owned Gran Tierra oil field in Putumayo, Colombia


Since last May 16, the social protest moved to the Costayaco Field of GTE, demanding the immediate suspension of oil operations due to the historical environmental liabilities generated by this multinational, and in the meantime agreements are established with the national and departmental government regarding points that support our protest exercise.


Cali: From detention sites to mass graves and chop-up houses


On May 13, 2021, our organizations received sensitive accounts of absolutely horrific police conduct and practices which, if true, must be shocking to anyone with a human conscience. These accounts show that when there is a mentality at the highest levels of government that defines young demonstrators as “terrorist vandals” and issues the corresponding orders against them, they become targets and victims of criminal designs, with the gravest consequences imaginable.


“Instead, We Became Millions”
Inside Colombia’s Ongoing General Strike


Despite brutal state repression, Colombia’s general strike has continued strong. The revolt has largely been leaderless and solidarity has expanded to include an impressively wide array of Colombian society. As in many other recent uprisings around the world, this one has been driven first and foremost by youth who know that their only hope to have any future at all is to fight for it. 


Colombia’s protests are a product of its post-peace-deal reality


In Cali, a city in southwestern Colombia, protesters put up barricades across the city. A front line — la primera línea — sometimes guards these barricades with masks and helmets and shields.  Cali is the epicenter of the unrest that has convulsed Colombia for more than a month. A tax reform bill proposed by right-wing President Ivan Duque sparked protests in late April.

The Colombian National Strike

Colombian Uprising: Cali and Afro Colombia

4 weeks of national strike in Colombia

Colombia: An observer’s account

Piedra, it is the rock of resistance, the rock which, placed in the powerfuls’ shoe, bothers. It is the one that, in all its diversity, constitutes our habitat, vital to our existence. It is the rock we throw. And, of course, it is the exploited rock. Extractivism, an economic model based on the exploitation of resources, ravages always increasingly here and elsewhere. It is in “Canada”, on colonized lands, that the majority of mining companies hold their headquarters. As so, the Canadian companies deploy their activities in Colombia in all impunity, and take advantage and participate in the political and social violence that hits this country living in war.
The Project Accompaniment Solidarity Colombia is a collective which realizes accompaniment with Colombian communities and organizations since 2003, while also creating links here and in Colombia of groups and individuals struggling against the imposition of mega-projects of resource extraction.

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