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Information and analysis bulletin on extractivism here and in Colombia

Project Accompaniment Solidarity Colombia

February 2018

The Special Anti-riot Squad of the National Police (ESMAD) attacked two international human rights observers in Casanare.

On January 25th of this year, rural communities were protesting peacefully in San Luis de Palenque; because the Canadian petroleum company Frontera Energy refuses to comply with the agreements that they have with the community. In the afternoon an ESMAD group appeared with the purpose to repress the protest.

Extractive sector: waiting for justice

On January 17th 2018 Canadian government finally announced the creation of an independent ombudsman who will be able to open investigations and get document from companies. Its a step long hoped for, but it is still not enough as it does not involve any legal mechanism.

The violence must cease towards the civilians

The First Report was released on the Situation of Human Rights after 50 days of the Bilateral Cease Fire of a Temporary Nature between the National Government and the National Liberation Army –ELN-, produced by a process of oversight from the social organizations. We published a summary in ENGLISH, the complete version is available in Spanish.

Forced disappearances in Colombia: clearing up the whole truth

The peace talks between the Colombian insurgency and the Government have made the discussion about human rights take precedence in the midst of the conformation of a Truth Commission. In this sense, I will discuss one of the phenomenons that should be taken on by this commission: forced disappearance.

Interview "In Colombia state terrorism is still intact"

The government did not embrace the meaning of this last ceasefire that was to improve the humanitarian conditions of the communities and organizations. In fact in the month of October we had three big weeks of protest and mobilization that were repressed in a brutal way by the state, there were even assassinations of leaders and there were hundreds of injured

Capsules Des-terres-minées (Mined Lands) Des-terres-minées, is a popular education and documentary project that has served to open spaces of discussion and reflexion on the themes of territory, extractivism and impacts on women. This project, coordinated by the PASC with the participation of the Committee for Human Rights in Latin America (CDHAL), Quebec Native Women (QNW), Quebec Women’s Federation (FFQ), and other groups has met with groups and organizations in various regions of Quebec in spring 2016. 27 video capsules have been produced disseminating the words and created with the individuals living in the regions we visited. 4 of them are already subtitled in English. The video capsules can be found on our Facebook or on the website:
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Battles against Hydro-Quebec, words of a warrior, Shanet Pilot, UashatMak Mani-Utenam

The forest, where is it? Agathe Denis-Dame, Opitciwan

Piedra, it is the rock of resistance, the rock which, placed in the powerfuls’ shoe, bothers. It is the one that, in all its diversity, constitutes our habitat, vital to our existence. It is the rock we throw. And, of course, it is the exploited rock. Extractivism, an economic model based on the exploitation of resources, ravages always increasingly here and elsewhere. It is in “Canada”, on colonized lands, that the majority of mining companies hold their headquarters. As so, the Canadian companies deploy their activities in Colombia in all impunity, and take advantage and participate in the political and social violence that hits this country living in war.
The Project Accompaniment Solidarity Colombia is a collective which realizes accompaniment with Colombian communities and organizations since 2003, while also creating links here and in Colombia of groups and individuals struggling against the imposition of mega-projects of resource extraction.