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We invite every solidary individual to accompany us during this summer's Caravan for the Defense of the Land. This year's caravan will take place in the east of Antioquia, a region particularly affected by the Colombian armed conflict.

The objectives of the caravan are to give visibility to the problematics related to mining and energy exploitation projects  which threaten the living of populations on the territory, and to reinforce initiatives defending life, water, and the territory, in addition to the construction of true peace.


- 11% of the effectives of the colombian national army are assigned to the protection of mining and oil activities, meaning around 30 000 colombian militaries;

-86% of human rights violations in Colombia (in the last 10 years) occurred in mining and oil regions;

In the 1970s, the region of east Antioquia went through the construction of reservoirs. First a sight of hope, it soon revealed social and environmental consequences, adding to a wave of forced displacement and assassinations. In addition, the popular movement ended up losing strength due to the repression linked to the armed conflict.


The caravan will unite internationalists, members of colombian social organizations, individuals from the coalition MOVETE* and many other people will participate in some parts of the caravan.

Internationalists who want to participate need to:

- Understand and speak Spanish

- Be able to cover the fees for the transportation (plane) to Bogota, Colombia

- Give a support of 300$ CAN for the transportation fees, the food, the housing and other expenses during the caravan.

* MOVETE is a coalition uniting different processes in the east Antioquia region in a process of reconstruction of the social fabric and supporting the communities in their struggle for the defense of the territory. These organizations started getting organized through a Festival for Water and began being a reference in terms of the defense of the territory and mining and oil problematics and territorial peace.

To be inspired:

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