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Colombia in the Shadow of Human Rights Abuse


In 2007, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Canada’s new “Americas Policy,” through which Canada would build trade ties with governments that shared Canada’s values of “democracy, human rights, rule-of-law and good governance.” The Canadian government then announced negotiations for a free trade and investment deal with Colombia, the country with the worst human rights record in the hemisphere.

After FTA passage, unions turn to political prisoners & peace


Increasingly, politically-motivated incarceration threatens Colombian unionists, human rights workers, and political activists. They are already too familiar with killings and disappearances at the hands of armed enforcers. International solidarity with victims has grown over recent decades, with the labor movement in particular taking on a prominent role in defending human rights in Colombia.

The victims of violence in Colombia are asking the Canadian Parliament not to ratify the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Colombia

Bogotá, April 12, 2010 Honourable PARLIAMENT OF CANADA Subject: Refuse to ratify the Colombia-Canada Free Trade Agreement Honourable Member of Parliament The National Movement of Victims of the State (MOVICE) is a coalition of about 300 organizations, as well as communities, victims of violence and relatives of victims of violence, working for the establishment of the truth, the administration of justice and the full compensation for the persons who have been subject to State crimes. On the eve of the possible ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Co

Witness Before Standing Committee on International Trade : Canadian petroleum Company and Human Rights in Colombia


40th PARLIAMENT, 3rd SESSION.Standing Committee on International Trade EVIDENCE # 1600, Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ms. Dawn Paley (Journalist, As an Individual):

Thank you for inviting me here this afternoon.

My name is Dawn Paley and I'm a journalist based in Vancouver. I've travelled to Colombia twice, for a total of about three months, and I've spent a great deal of time researching Canada's relationship with Colombia from here.

Conservatives revive Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement


Deal tabled as assassinations and displacement continue

The Conservatives tabled the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement in Parliament today, reviving a deal many thought better left for dead.

Renewed interest in the deal comes weeks after an Amnesty International report found Indigenous peoples in Colombia are at risk of being exterminated by state forces, right wing paramilitary groups and guerrilla organizations.

But Canadian officials are ignoring Amnesty’s report, focusing instead on economic aspects of the deal.

Canada's Deadly Trade Deals


An interview with Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas Program of the International Relations Center

One of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s first major foreign visits after being elected in 2006 to his first minority government was to Latin America and the Caribbean. The trip aimed to promote a Canadian foreign policy focused on establishing "new partnerships in the Americas."