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Pollinations (Polinizaciones) North America: Atlantic Coast Tour A BEE IN MONTREAL Beehive collective and PASC PRESENT On tour In Montreal as part of the Festival of Anarchy

- Saturday May 23rd 2009 Bar Populaire 6584 St Laurent 7pm Picture lecture 9pm Party

On tour with giant, portable murals, Beehive graphics aim to draw-out the connections between colonial history and present day struggles against corporate globalization, violence, and racism. The all volunteer Beehive creates anti-copyright graphics as tools for popular analysis, education and organizing. Our presentations and workshops are an accessible format for unpacking the ways in which resource extraction, militarization and industrial development in the Western Hemisphere are all interconnected in the same 'big picture'. This spring a recently returned South American Bee is heading out on an Atlantic Coast Tour, sharing the work of Polinizaciones, a grassroots project dedicated to supporting social movements in Colombia. Polinizaciones is a collaboration between communities, pollinator bees, activists ants, and collectives in Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. Using Beehive graphics and other media the work of Polinizaciones creates another way to converse, as well as to build and understand our history in the context of globalization, Plan Colombia, Free Trade, IIRSA-Plan Puebla Panama and corporate colonization. The bilingual Polinizaciones Reportback will highlight the Beehive's giant Plan Colombia banner, though enriched with projected photographs, audio recordings of interviews and music, and personal experiences and stories about the communities in resistance we have been weaving relations of mutual aid with over the last two years. Throughout Abya Yala (South America), Beehive graphics are being used by youth and community educators in Indigenous, Afro descendent, campesino, and urban poor communities as a medium for dialogue and raising consciousness around the current threats against these communities Kicking off in late February 2009, the tour will cover the Atlantic Coast from Miami, FL to Machias, ME, making stops at community spaces, universities, high schools, cultural centers and other spaces interested in a Polinizaciones Reportback. The Polinizaciones Atlantic Coast tour is especially committed to sharing these Southern Winds of Resistance with immigrant and communities of color and is excited at the opportunity to be able to do presentations in Español. BOOK THE BEES! See the dates below for tentative Pollinations North America flight route NOW BOOKING POLINIZACIONES ATLANTIC COAST TOUR! Feb 15-28 South Florida (Immokalee, Lake Worth, Homestead & Miami) Mar 1-8 North Florida (Gainesville & Tallahassee) Mar 9-11 Charleston, SC Mar 12-16 Atlanta Mar 17-23 North Carolina triangle Mar 24-Apr 2 Washington, DC & Baltimore Apr 3-14 Philadelphia area April 25-May 10 New York City area May 11-15 Upstate New York area May 16-21 Ontario & Montreal May 22-27 Rhode Island & Massachusetts May 28-30 Maine, ending in Machias on the 30th