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First of a series of four public seminars

Breaking out of the colonial project

In the rich countries of the North, the Global Justice Movement is dominated by organisations wanting to win a seat for « civil society » at the decision-making table of the powerful institutions so that they can push for reforms that once implemented would make globalisation more humane, more just. This vision, this strategy, however, is not shared by all. On the margins of the mainstream are groups that believe that neoliberal globalisation is but a continuation of capitalist colonisation of the commons and of Peoples. And that any strategy that involves negotiation with the bearers of such a project and participation in their structures of « good governance » ends up legitimizing a process that is rotten at its roots. These are the actors that will share with us their insights on their battle against neo-colonialism and on the challenges and contradictions that they are confronted with in their daily struggle for social justice.

Introductory presentation Neo-liberalism, new phenomenon or another wave of colonialism? Diverging trends within the global justice movement Aziz Choudry, anti-colonial activist and Assistant Professor, Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University

Experiences from the field - Perspectives and conflicts in the battle for self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and First Nations Stuart Myiow Junior, Wolf Clan representative from the Mohawk Traditional Council of Kahnawa:ke - International development organisations: allies in the fight against colonialism or missionaries of imperialism? Leila Celis, Projet accompagnement solidarité Colombie - Justice for migrant workers : difficult alliances with big unions Tess Tesalona, Immigrant Workers’ Center

Bilingual seminar with whispered translation available

Friday May 16th 3 to 5pm

Café Sarajevo, 6548 St-Laurent Bus 55 or Beaubien metro - A presentation of the Collectif d’étude sur les pratiques solidaires: