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Colombian work union delegates will be visiting Montreal:

Project Accompaniment and Solidarity Colombia (PASC) invites you to meet three representatives of the worker's union (USO-Union sindical obrera) invited by the Canadian Union of Communication, Energy and Paperworkers (CEP).  The delegates will be in Montreal to share their experience of the various struggles encountered against a Canadian oil company, Pacific Rubiales.

Now that the Colombian government and the FARC are announcing a peace treaty, social movements insist on their inclusion within the negotiations so they can lead to structural changes and to make sure social justice is applied. What kind peace would it be when Canadian companies benefit from fuelling the conflict? Is peace even possible if companies continue to instil misery in the name of an economic system that allows for exploitation?


The strike began in late June 2011. In addition to a request for higher wages, the movement denounces the precarious employment and health conditions. The USO had more than 5,000 members in Campo Rubiales during strike, but Pacific Rubiales and subcontracting companies managed to end the strike wave of 2011 by not renewing the contracts of more than 4000 employees who were on the strike.

At Campo Rubiales, 14 000 workers, the indigenous and peasant communities must go through checkpoints guarded by private security forces and show their authorization issued by Pacific Rubiales or its subcontractors at all times.

For more information: Updates : Conflict with the Canadian Oil Company Pacific Rubiales

Since 2012, PASC has followed the resistance case of Pacific Rubiales within its campaign "Target Canadians profiteers from the war in Columbia"