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We are responding to calls for solidarity from people throughout the hemisphere resisting the Canadian mining industry, people who are struggling for a better world and for a model of development that is autonomous, sustainable and democratic.

We come together as solidarity organizations to defend human life and mother earth, to coordinate the struggle against the mining industry in the continent, to create the necessary strategies to forward this struggle, and construct a basis of unity.

The mineral extraction industry represents one of the most important sections of Canadian economic expansion. This international economic system puts the needs of capital above the human and collective rights of people. The presence of Canadian corporations in the hemisphere fuels social conflict and violence in affected communities.

These corporations corrupt democratic institutions, pollute water, destroy the environment and put people's health at risk. They displace entire populations, are directly responsible for the repression
of people who oppose their operations, and criminalize social protest. Mining companies also disproportionally affect indigenous, Afro-descendant and campesino communities.

We say no to this unjust system, because we as people are the only ones who can change the course of history. We are struggling for a just world, autonomy and solidarity. We call for an end to the destruction of our planet for the benefit of the few. Through concrete actions we will change the future though self-determination of the people.