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In Colombia have been displaced nearly four million people, mostly by paramilitary groups. These groups, either alone or in conjunction with members of the military, have disappeared at least 15,000 compatriots and have more de3.000 buried in mass graves or had their bodies thrown into rivers; killing more than 1,700 indigenous people, 2,550 unionists , and nearly 5,000 members of the Unión Patriótica (Patriotic Union, Colombian politician party). Commonly, they tortured their victims before killing them. Between 1982 and 2005, more than 3,500 paramilitaries perpetrated massacres, and stole more than six million hectares of land. Since 2002, after its "demobilization" , they have killed 600 people every year. They came to control 35% of Parliament (in it's own words). From 2002 until today, members of the Colombian army have committed more than 950 executions, most presented as "positive". Only in January 2008, the paramilitaries did two massacres. 9 enforced disappearing people, 8 homicides, and the Army has committed 16 extrajudicial executions. In Colombia, paramilitary and state agents violated human rights and humanitarian law. Many paramilitary groups have not been demobilized. Now call themselves "Black Eagles". Many "parapoliticians" (politicians that have some kind of relation, economical, ideological, politician or logistic with these groups) are in public office and diplomats. You marched on 4 February, now: Do you will accompany the next 6 of March to the victims of the paramilitaries, parapoliticians and agents of the State? No more mass graves. Never again forced displacement. Never again paramilitaries. Never again parapoliticians. Never again state's crimes.

The National Movement of Victims of Crimes of State convenes: 6 MARCH 2008 national and international tribute to the victims of paramilitary activity, parapoliticians and State crimes.