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The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC) and the regional organizations subsidiaries we categorically reject stigmatizations, harassment, threats, constraints, illegal detentions, aggression and human rights violations and offenses to the International Humanitarian Law that have taken place at the Social, Indigenous and Popular Minga, For Life, Territory, Autonomy and Sovereignty by the National Government.

To this is added the flyer issued by the group post-demobilizations "Los Rastrojos" declaring "militar objective" to "Luis Fernando Arias and other executive of ONIC (...) Indigenous Authorities of the CRIC and his agitators Ayida (Quilche), Feliciano Valencia, Senior counsellors, advisors Gilberto Yajue, Luis Acosta, Enry Caballero, Jorge Vicente Otero (...) ACIN, south west media and indigenous people”. Making a "calling that in less than 24 hours from the present day they have to return to their places of origin" SIC.

On the contrary to this spirit, The Social, Indigenous and Popular Minga seeks to promote reflections of the Colombian society as a whole and the vindication of the Rights of Indigenous People ignored and violated by the National Government because of its systematic non fulfillment of the agreements made. We specifically identify 5 points in which the dialogue with the Government must be turned: Planning, Mining, TLC, Authonomy and Human Rights, Armed Conflict and Peace.

Our demands are fair, our actions are the result of the unfulfillment, we have used up the stage of direct talks with the Colombian State during the 16 years that we have sat to concert, including the current Santos government, but the level of compliance is minimum, exacerbating the ongoing process of exterminations of the 102 indigenous tribes. (first nations comunities?)

The legitimate requests presented to the National Government are part of the constitutional and legal recognitions that nationaly and internationaly have been instituted from the struggles of indigenous peoples in Colombia and the world.

Given this scenario, we hold responsible the National Government and, specifically, the president Juan Manuel Santos and Minister Aurelio Irragorri, for the materialization of the threats by legal and illegal armed groups that cause harm against the life and personal integrity of indigenous representatives spokemen of the Minga and fellow peers and indigenous people at the mobilization.

For all the above:

We urge the Colombian government to cease the actions of stigmatization, accusation , constraint , illegal detentions, prosecutions and attacks uttered by the security forces at all points of concentration of the Minga .

We demand a substantive progress in the dialogues of the Indigenous Negotiating Committee of the Minga.

We urge to the security forces to stop the violation of rights deployed at all points of the Minga and the compliance of the standards in matter of Human rights and Humanitarian International Rights recognized for the Minga participants.

We require the Ministry of public affairs Office, the Attorney General's Office, to ensure their constant presence in the territories, verifying the situation of sistematic violations complaintments and doing a decided calling to the National Government in the excersice of its functions. Likewise that initiates the necessary actions to request the granting of the protective measures to the competent authorities, pushing the celerity of such action.

We demand to the national media do not misinform and distort information for Colombian society around the Indigenous Minga situations, ignoring the ethical standards of fairness and assertiveness mission, seriously jeopardizing the lives of all protesters.

Indigenous People in Resistance in the "Social, Indigenous and Popular Minga. For Life, Territory, Autonomy and Sovereignty"