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Colombia Nationwide Strike Against 'Free Trade', Privatization, Poverty

Rural uprisings spread across industries as hundreds of thousands protest US-backed govt. Protests in Sincelejo A nationwide strike in Colombia—which started as a rural peasant uprising and spread to miners, teachers, medical professionals, truckers, and students....

A Partnership in Bad Taste: Harbourfront's Pan American Food Festival Partners with Rights Violator Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp.

It is with grave concern to see the upcoming Pam American Food Festival at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto being sponsored by Pacific Rubiales; a Canadian based oil and gas company listed on the Toronto and Colombian stock exchanges.  Pacific Rubiales has been accused of being engaged in serious human, Indigenous, environmental and labour rights violations in Colombia. These abuses have been well documented by Colombian civil society and also Canadian based organizations.

The faltering engine of the Colombian mining locomotive

The mining locomotive seems to encounter dust, if not stones in the engine when civil actions try to block the advancement of large-scale multinational mining projects. After the massive manifestation inTolima against AngloGold on June the 5th, the national paro minero which started July the 17th still hasn’t lost its momentum. Informal miners continue to block the road at Marmato claiming their territorial rights while facing displacement by state and company pressures

Verdict of the Popular Tribunal On The Extractive Industry Practices

In a press release on August 18, 2013, the final day of the  Popular Tribunal Against Extractive Industry Practices in Colombia, the Colombian Redher network published the jury's final verdict. A complete document will be made public soon in order to bring to light the whole of incriminating evidence that supports this popular judgment.

Colombia: multinationals on 'trial' for rights abuses

An activist tribunal dubbed the Ethical Trial against Plunder was held in Bogotá over the weekend to air testimony against the practices of multinational gold firm Anglo Ahshanti and oil giant Pacific.More than 500 representatives from across Colombia convened in the capital's central folk-crafts market to present evidence that the multinational corporations were involved in the murder of union leaders, displacement of indigenous communities, and grave environmental damage.

Anti oil giant Pacific Rubiales rally in Puerto Gaitán

Shame on This Canadian Company