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Our comrade Carlos Alberto Pedraza Salcedo was assassinated

We never want to have to redact  press release or letters for comarades with whome we share our dreams and hopes...
With sadness and rage we announce the death of  Carlos Alberto Pedraza, found dead on wednesday january 21st . His all life turned around the defense of justice, equality, liberty self determination and dignity.

Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales in Colombia - Fairtrade certified?

Pacific Rubiales has received Fairtrade certification for petroleum production in the sites of Rubiales and Quifa, Colombia. Fairtrade certification was granted by Equitable Origin, after a process carried out by Deloitte Colombia. This news is surprising. It removes all credibility from the process of Fairtrade certification.

Water Contamination and the Right to Water in Colombia: The case of Campo Rubiales

In July 2013, a Canadian delegation participated in a public hearing at the Popular Tribunal on Extractive Industry Practices in Puerto Gaitain, Colombia. The purpose of the trip was to listen an array of witnesses, hear evidence and then evaluate the behaviour of Canadian oil company Pacific Rubiales Energy (PRE) in Puerto Gaitan. During the hearing, communities and social organizations demonstrated the negative social, cultural and environmental impacts of oil drilling in the region. One of the principal complaints was that PRE had contaminated water used for consumption and subsistence farming.

Talisman is simply changing hands

We learned in December 2014 that the multinational Talisman, one of Canada's largest independent corporations, was bought by Spanish company Repsol in exchange for US$13 billion. Talisman is an oil and gas exploration and production company, operating at the international level since 1992.

Paramilitary threats shift to journalists and the media

On december 4, 2014, a pamphlet from the paramilitary group Aguilas Negras (Black Hawks) circulated by email, this time threatening the death of journalists, communicators, and members of popular media agencies and groups, including Colombia Informa. A couple days ago, they also threatened Canal Capital, Telesur, and Reporteros Sin Fronteras. This strategy of terror that uses the force of repetition and abruptness, does not achieve the desired effects. Instead, it reinforces the networks of denouncement and solidarity.

Unión Sindical Obrero Returns to Campo Rubiales

On January 22, the Unión Sindical Obrero (USO) returned to Campo Rubiales in an act of strength and defiance to show that nor threats, nor assassinations, nor contract terminations can keep the USO away. This public return involved various events with USO members from all over Colombia as well as participation from accompanying organizations and groups.

Despite peace negotiations, Canada sells 32 tanks to Colombian government

While undergoing peace negotiations with the FARC, Colombia has recently acquired 32 combat and troop transportation vehicles (LAV III) through the Canadian commercial corporation (CCC), a crown corporation acting as a contracting and international supply agency.

Decolonizing Our Solidarity - The manual is now available in English !

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