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Arrests of Trade Union Leaders in Colombia Continue

The UNION SINDICAL OBRERA  (USO) denounces the latest series of arrests that occurred on December 4, 2013, those of CAMPO ELIAS ORTIZ, JOSE DILIO NARANJO, and HECTOR SANCHEZ, who were workers and union leaders in intermediary companies contracted by PACIFIC RUBIALES in the Department of Meta. These events follow the arrest of DARIO CARDENAS, vice president of USO’s Meta Division several weeks ago.

Violence and persecution of Colombian trade unionists must end!

2014 has started with fear and sadness in Colombia as attacks and criminalization of social protests continue. With yet another trade union leader viciously attacked, IndustriALL Global Union joins Colombian unions in denouncing the violence.
IndustriALL Global Union represents 50 million workers in 140 countries in the mining, energy and manufacturing sectors and is a new force in global solidarity. IndustriALL challenges the power of multinational companies and negotiates with them on a global level.

U.S. Congress shines a light on persecution of USO

The USO leaders unjustly detained in La Picota are shortly to receive a visit from a Democratic US Congressman who wishes to show his concern about the recrudescence of trade union persecution in Colombia. The visit of the Democratic US congressman comes within a delicate context.

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Consider "Home Country Liability" for the Extraterritorial Actions of Transnational Corporations

In an exciting development in the corporate accountability world, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, for the first time in its history, will directly consider the question: can a corporation’s home country be held liable for the actions of that corporation abroad, or for failing to provide a remedy to its victims?

2013 Report: 'Targeting Canadian War Profiteers in Colombia!'

People’s tribunal on the Canadian mining industry to take place in May 2014, in Montreal

A people’s tribunal on the Canadian mining industry – the first of its kind in North America – is slated to take place in late May 2014.The tribunal, to be held in Montreal, will kick off on Thursday, May 29.