Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

Newsletter 2007

1 January 2007

Members of the PASC list


Greetings to all! Here is a short newsletter describing the PASC activities in this beginning of the

year 2007.


To all people interested in international accompaniment in Colombia: the training session will

take place from January to May 2007. Nevertheless, it is possible to join even if it has already

started. Just fill in the form at this address: and contact us at:


μ Here μ


¶ Regarding the false accusations against members of PASC, we are following up on the demands

to the Canadian and Quebec authorities in a letter sent in November 2006, signed by Amnesty

International – Canada, Kairos «Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives », Développement et Paix,

Centre Justice et Foi, Social Justice Committee – Montréal, Comité chrétien pour les droits humains

en Amérique latine (CCDHAL).


¶ During winter and spring, PASC will take part in many events about Colombia and Latin

America and against Imperialism, using, among others, the short film: L’empire de la Palme:

Crimes d’État et résistance civile en Colombie (The Empire of the Palm: Crimes of the State and

Civil Resistance in Colombia)


¶ The long awaited film, directed by members of PASC, with images taken by an accompagnateur-

trice, is finally upon us and set to open in May 2007. We will keep you informed of this can’t-be-

missed event! A new photo exhibition about the Humanitarian Zones is also in preparation.



μ In Colombia μ


¶ Presently, there are 5 accompaniers in Colombia: three are in Jiguamiando and Curvarado

communities, one is working on the legal aspects in Popayan and one is in the CISCA communities

of the Catatumbo region where PASC is building accompaniment.


¶ PASC just entered the Red de Hermandad y Solidaridad – Colombia, a network, founded in

1994, consisting of the Red Colombia (organizations and community process) and the Red Europa

(base groups and unions), as well as other North American organizations. In order to solidify

political solidarity, Redher wants to contribute to the fight against impunity and human rights

defence by bringing closer Colombian and International social organizations to reinforce the

International accompaniment process with Colombian social organizations and their specific

problems.  Redher acts on many levels: Permanent Court of the People against Transnational

Corporations (TPP), International Court of Opinion (TIO), National School of Agriculture, Boycott

of Coca-Cola and campaigns against other Multinational Corporations, Support to the resistance

process and to the life plan of the communities in resistance, in particular via international

accompaniment,  international  whistle  blowing  and  pressure  on  the  authorities.


¶ On February 1st and 2nd, a PASC accompanier took part in the National Mining Forum in Santa

Rosa, Sur de Bolivia, which central theme of discussion was the Reforms of the mining codes and

the construction of a proposition of reforms stemming from the communities.



¶ There will be a march for Biodiversity from February 15th to 23rd in Chocó: «Ten years Since

Operation Genesis: From Ashes to Hope, from Death to Life», to which three local PASC

accompaniers will participate as well as two other delegates who are going to Colombia

especially for this occasion. The march will follow two routes: the first, passing through

Cacarica, Salaqui, Balsa, Palo de Letras, Panama, where one can find the roots of Operation

Genesis, the agro-industrial banana project and the Panamerican highway layout; the second,

through the four Humanitarian Zones of Curvarado and Jiguamiando and Cara de Perro, the

African Palm plantations next to the resistance communities and a mining project.

Following this march, a hearing of the Permanent Court of People on Biodiversity will take

place in the Humanitarian Zones in Cacarica.



Visit our web site at:


Thank you for your growing support of the process of civil resistance for life, land, dignity and self-



With solidarity,


Members of PASC