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While the government is rounding off the agreements that have been signing with the farmers, based on the 21 days of the agricultural strike, the native indigenous community of the country made an announcement of a sourge of marchs that will start this monday october 14th, in which will take part more than 120 000 indigenous. This weekend the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia ONIC by the spanish acronym, will present the reasons of the mobilization, engaged in the second national indignation day of action.

  The situation of public order in Colombia faces again an uncertain weather, after the indigenous and popular community of the country called for a minga to demand for the respect of their political and ancestral legitimacy, darkened for many years in the law courts of the government, point members of the government.   After the numerous excesses registered during the national agricultural strike, the horizon for this indigenous mobilization, is in a preventive stage, by the suspicious that the authorities will rush forward unjustified against the colombian natives, affirmed to Confidencial Colombia Javier Betancourt, technical secretary of the ONIC.   "Our fear is about the reaction of the public force by the holy trick of saying that the march is permeated" Betancourt declared.   In the same way, the organization divulged through a statement in their website, the points related to the schedule projected for the beginning of the next week, in which are highlighted "The evident failure of the economic model, the invasion of mining energetic projects and the megaprojects in the indigenous, farmers and afro descendant territories".   "We decided to perform the indigenous, popular social minga, for the live, the territory, the autonomy and sovereignty from this monday october 14th 2013, in which the whole community will take part and the 44 indigenous organization that are into the ONIC", says the document.   Also, Betancourt pointed that "the Canada´s indigenous tribes for example, are considered as the first nations of a country, a concept worthy of application in ours". Likewise highlighted that is on conversations to stablish along the indigenous communities of all the world, one day and one hour besides a mobilization, honouring the native reservations of the planet.