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CED-INS (Corporación para el Desarrollo y la Investigación Popular – Instituto Nacional Sindical) have launched a newsletter Lands and Conflict: Extractive Industries in Colombia. This is in a context in which, over recent years, huge swathes of land have been handed over by the government to multinationals in the extractive industries sector.  Given that such industries pose a risk to the livelihoods of many communities throughout the country, it has been considered necessary to systematically analyze the strategies and impacts associated with them.

The newsletter aims to monitor the extractive industries, in order to educate, inform and strengthen social movements and communities.  As such, its aims are to:

  • Become a tool for members of social movements who are confronted with agribusiness, gas and oil extraction, hydroelectric power, biopiracy, and mining projects throughout Colombia.
  • Monitor the impacts caused by the extractive industries, in relation to environmental and cultural issues, and also civil, political, social and economic rights.
  • Provide analysis, information, technical and political tools for communities affected by the extractive industries
  • Monitor government policies related to the extractive industries.

The first edition of the newsletter can be viewed here.