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INVISIBLE FAMILIES is a project in construction that aims at fighting the isolation and giving a face to the reality of those touched by the judicialization and detention in a correctional center of one of their relative. 

INVISIBLE FAMILIES looks a visibilizing the faces of family members and individuals touched by the incarceration of a close one and break the isolation, stigmatization and shame through testimonies.  

INVISIBLE FAMILIES is also looking for participants. If you know anyone that is touched by the incarceration or judicialization of a close one, I invite you to tell them about this project!


Let's stop being invisible!

The judicialization or incarceration of a close one does not solely affect the detainees, the imprisonment is also imposed to their families and social networks. 

Many individuals face prejudice and contempt because they have a link with family members who are imprisoned. The stigmatization and feeling of being put aside as a member of the family of the detainee, to be contaminated, in a way, by the acts of the delinquent, is at the heart of many difficulties that the children and family must face. 

In taking the choice to be visible, we chose to break the isolation and confront the feeling of shame, culpability and fear together. 

To participate, visit the website:

If you need more information, please contact:

With pleasure to hear your testimonies!

familles invisibles traduit par PASC