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RADIO INTERVIEWCanada denounced for complicitness in murdering of Colombian Indigenous (transcript below)

3 days ago a group from the SOCIAL AND CLIMATE JUSTICE CARAVAN visited the Canadian embassy in Brussels to seek protection for a man from Colombia who has received death treaths from Colombian Paramilitaries. The Canadian state is responsible for this due to upcoming free trade agreements as well as, along with the US, not signing the charter to protect indigenous around the world. Also Canadian mining business COSIGO RESOURCES are implicated in using these paramilitaries to obtain native lands.

(more photos here )

Dave Bleakney of the Canadian union of postal workers entered, was nearly forcibly evicted from the building but activists from all continents of the world outside blocked the door, blocking the police action. A woman rep from the embassy came down, they talked, dave left.

This interview is what dave said upon leaving the embassy, without police harrassment this time, about his view on his countries dirty business action.


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Social & Climate Justice Caravan