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The Committee for the Integration of the Colombian Massif (CIMA) denounces -- before regional, national and international human rights organizations -- the assassination of Luz Eneida Gómez. Ms. Gómez was 35 years old and the wife of community leader Oscar Díaz. Mr. Díaz is a member of the CIMA, as well as the Committee of Coffee Producers of the La Sierra Municipality, Cauca Department (province).


Luz Eneida Gomez was murdered on August 1, 2012 at 8 am as she was returning to her home in the hamlet of Buenos Aires, in the municipality of La Sierra, Cauca. According to the community, two armed men approached her without identifying themselves and then shot her to death.


Our organization has learned that her husband, Oscar Díaz, had been the victim of extortion starting in June 2011, when unidentified armed actors threatened the lives of him and his family if he did not pay them money.

The case was reported to the public prosecutor's office. Officials investigated and arrested two of the accused perpetrators, who are now in custody.

In June of this year, Oscar Díaz was attacked while returning home from the city of Popayán on his motorcycle. In the area known as Quebrada Azul, unknown men shot at him and his nephew, who was injured.


The CIMA, a regional social movement, condemns this cowardly act and demands that local authorities and the police:

1. Guarantee the security of Oscar Díaz and his family

2. Initiate an investigation into the material and intellectual authors of the murder of Luz Eneida Gómez, so that justice is served

3. Take action so that this case, which has devastated the Gómez family and our organization, does not remain in impunity, like so many other murders in the Colombian Massif and the Cauca Department.
(The Colombian Massif is a mountainous region in South West Colombia. The CIMA is a member of the Network of Brotherhood and Solidarity with Colombia – REDHER. The PASC is a member of the same network.)

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