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In the enduring spirit of resistance, our commitment remains steadfast

For Palestine, for the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives, for the indomitable spirit of Gaza, for the five thousand Palestinian prisoners, for the global political prisoners, for those unwavering on the path of resistance and justice, for the oppressed and their unwavering resilience, and for humanity's liberation from the clutches of imperialism. 

Amidst the daily escalations in Palestine and the ever-expanding reach of imperialism across the globe, and in light of the surging tide of resistance and acts of heroism, and the restoration of the Palestinian people's dignity through fire and determination, what was once deemed impossible has become attainable. Hope has rekindled, and it reaffirms that resistance is the sole recourse for reclaiming all our land and liberating humanity.

As the ruthless and barbaric aggression on our besieged people in Gaza intensifies, with women and children falling victim to brutal killings, homes reduced to rubble, hundreds of thousands displaced, and the complete siege cutting off vital essentials like electricity, water, and food, coupled with the denial of crucial medical supplies. The declarations of allegiance to the Zionist occupation by Western nations, led by the United States, and their green light for the completion of an ethnic cleansing project, amount to nothing short of a genocide of Palestinians and a slow, ongoing execution of those who survive.

To our noble Arab nations, who believe unwaveringly in our inevitable victory and the legitimacy of our struggle, and who have consistently lent their support, let us stand united against the collaborators of the occupation, against the normalization efforts, and against the shedding of the martyrs' blood. Let us harness our collective energy, our Arab identity, and our unwavering belief in victory, for the occupation, its allies, and its supporters stand as our collective adversaries across every inch of our homeland. Hence, we implore you to rally against governments and regimes that embrace normalization with the Zionist entity, to press them to cease these relations, and to champion the path of resistance.

To the world's people, we comprehend the steep cost of standing in solidarity with Palestine, as the ruthless gears of imperialism and global colonialism persistently seek to demonize such solidarity. Nevertheless, justice must inevitably prevail, and oppression will ultimately fall to the weight of cumulative struggles and sacrifices. We thus entreat you to apply pressure on your governments to halt their support for the Zionist entity, to unveil its atrocities, and to counter attempts to criminalize the act of resistance. We call on you to partake in the populous events unfolding across diverse locations.

To the free spirits of the world, we draw our strength from the unity of oppressed people and derive our resolve from the unyielding faith in our right to reclaim our usurped land and recover our freedom.

We beckon you to join the demonstrations scheduled for the forthcoming Friday, October 20th, in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and its revolutionary ideals, condemning the world's inaction and silence, and rejecting Western support for the Zionist entity. These protests will resonate across Palestine, throughout the Arab world, and in cities worldwide.

Youth of Occupied Palestine, October 13, 2023

Youth of Occupied Palestine