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#EmergenciaHumanitaria pour le démentelement des structures paramilitaire @CPueblos_Col  et @CNA_Colombia  se mobilisent !
Peasant communities, Afro and Indigenous peoples, workers, women, youth, students, urban popular sectors, human rights defenders, and environmentalists, among others, have mobilized today on several highways and cities in the country. Their objective is to denounce the presence of paramilitary groups in the territories, the ongoing genocide, and the development of a counterinsurgency strategy against the people. We demand that the national security doctrine be reformed, as it currently conceives popular movements and political opposition to the regime as internal enemies.
In 2016, the Canadian mining company Grand Colombia Gold (now Aris Mining) filed a US$700 million lawsuit against Colombia before ICSID[1], a private investment protection tribunal. The company claims that small-scale miners in the municipalities of Segovia and Marmato have invaded its mines, illegally extracting minerals and thus affecting the company's interests.
Since 7 October, Israel has escalated its raids across Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank, arresting dozens of Palestinians daily. There are reports that Palestinian citizens have been arrested over social media posts. After 7 October, Israel revoked the work permits of Palestinian workers from the Gaza Strip, and thousands were arrested. An order was issued to consider these Gazans “unlawful combatants” in order to hold them for an unlimited amount of time without effective judicial review. Thus, Israel has more than doubled the number of Palestinian prisoners since 7 October.