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PASC gives presentations and leads workshops in various contexts in French, Spanish, and English : college or univesity classes, community groups, unions, social and political events... We can discuss various topics. Contact us for any demands. 


4th Industrial Revolution

Every purchase made with a bank card, every internet search, every response to a post on social networks, emails, data from health applications, GPS devices, etc. is collected and analysed on a massive scale, because it constitutes a mine of information for companies that want to know us better than we know ourselves, in order to sell us ways of 'making life easier' and to influence our behaviour.

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4RI) is well underway. Research and development centres for the deployment of the 4RI have been opened in many countries since 2017, and Canada and Colombia are taking a very active part in it. The 4RI comes with a list of complex words: IoT, IoB, Blockchain, AI and other nebulous formulas.... We will need to fully understand their plans in order to continue to cultivate life, its ecosystems and our human relationships. The Covid-19 global pandemic has caused us to lose our bearings and, according to world leaders, represents a "great opportunity"... but for what project exactly? That of a more emancipated society? It's a safe bet that the opposite is true.



Decolonizing our solidarity

Inspired by the challenges faced in organizing the accompaniment project, PASC offers reflection sessions for social activists engaged in international solidarity initiatives, in collaboration with Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University. These workshops explore the feminist analysis of power relations to address the concept of "privilege," specifically analyzing the privilege we have as solidarity activists that come from the global North. We propose considering the relationships of North/South solidarity as places where these privileges are expressed, but also as channels through which they are transferred. 





Des-terres-minées (Mined Land) is a project of sharing and documenting living realities. We open spaces of speech and collective reflections, through feminist anti-colonial perspectives, on the themes of territory and extractive issues (mines, hydrocarbons, logging, hydroelectricity, etc.).



Interactive poster interpretation workshops by the Beehive Collective: colonization, resource extraction and resistance in the Americas

The Beehive Collective uses stunning visual images and stories to illustrate the connections between  COLONIZATION, MILITARIZATION, and RESOURCE EXTRACTION. 


Plan Colombia :

Covering a canvas of 3 meters by 1 meter, this fresco is a product of a process of exchange between artists of the Beehive Collective, based in the United States, and Colombian social movements. This work can be read and interpreted in all languages ​​and by all ages. The work attempts to expose the lies of the war on drugs as a diversion for multinational interests to extract the wealth of biodiversity and natural resources Amazon and its peoples.

Download the exploration pamphlet :

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Mesoamérica Resiste

The Mesoamérica Resiste graphics campaign is the third and final image in the Beehive’s trilogy about globalization in the Americas, focusing on resistance to mega-infrastructure projects that are literally paving the way for free trade agreements that devastate local economies and communities.

The stories in the graphic come from current struggles, but are also rooted in the legacies of over 500 years of colonialism in the Americas. A banner across the top reads, “Every time history repeats itself, the price goes up” – reminding us that we are in an era of extreme loss of cultural and ecological diversity and rapid climate change. Through the lens of Mesoamerica, the graphic tells the big picture story of what’s at stake across the globe with the neoliberal model of “development,” and what we’ve already lost.

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