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Concerning the Ministery of the Environment’s resolution which extends from 11 thousand to 18 thousand hectares authorized for mining in Cundinamarca, the mayor of Tausa (Cundinamarca), Jaime Rodríguez warned that his municipality could only comply with the resolution in some sectors.

 “What will happen is a socialized work with the community. We will not allow mining in the areas of páramo. Regarding the Territorial arrangement planning (Plan de Ordenamiento Territorial - POT) that we are going to carry out in 2017, we have specific areas for mining that would not generate damages”, he said.

According to William Forero, mayor of Cogua, the municipality does not agree with mining, as it would be the second municipality of Cundinamarca with greater mining activity, after Soacha, and as it would also affect agriculture and ecotourism.

 “The vocation of our municipalities is ecotourism and agriculture. We do not agree with the expansion and we have already manifested it to the control entities such as the Attorney General, the Comptroller, the Personería and the Defensoría. With the resolution of the Ministry of Environment, extending the areas would virtually devastate important areas of the municipality, "explained the mayor of Cogua.

The resolution warns that in no case can territorial entities authorize mining in areas outside established polygons.

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