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On September 26, 2012 the Colombian National Police arrested Rober Daza Guevara, a leader of PASC partner group* CIMA (Committee for the Integration of the Colombian Massif), in the Department of Nariño.

Mr. Daza was arrested when the bus he was travelling on from San Pablo to the city of Pasto was stopped by police. The officers, some of which were members of a special investigative unit (SIJIN), ordered all passengers to exit the bus and show their identification.
Claiming that there were irregularities with Mr. Daza Guevara's papers, police arrested him and transported him to a local station where he remained from 1pm to 2:30pm, when he was allowed to leave.

The National Police and SIJIN clearly abused their authority in making this arbitrary arrest. This was a politically-motivated act, aimed at Mr. Daza Guevara and the organization which he represents.The CIMA has worked in the recent past to denounce and organize against the presence of multinational mining in Nariño.

We denounce this arrest, which contradicts the National Government's commitment to respecting the work of human rights and social organizations, as laid out in the "Mesa de Garantías" (a national roundtable*).


-We demand that competent authorities investigate this act so that disciplinary action can be taken against those members of the National Police and the SIJIN who are responsible.

-In their capacity as guarantors of security and human rights, we hold the Colombian state, its entities and employees responsible for any aggression suffered by Robert Daza Guevara, his family or the organization he represents.

-We ask that the international community follow up on this violation of human rights and the subsequent investigation.

-We ask that social and human rights organizations do the same, so that this violation does not happen again.
CNA (National Agrarian Coordination)

Translation by PASC. *Added by translator for clarity.