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May 1st, 2014, 6PM SHARP
Parc des Faubourgs, (corner of de Lorimier and Ontario)
Capitalism destroys our lives, let's destroy capitalism!
To feed its insatiable thirst for wealth accumulation, capitalism slaughters the planet through the savage illimited extraction of our
natural resources, in order to feed the frenetic vicious circle of unbridled consumerism! The devious grasp of capitalism took care of making us dependent on jobs, products and energy which sustains its own survival. We are therefore dependent of the very system destroying us. Since its creation, capitalism has been reformed many times, to no avail! The rich always end up on top, to the detriment of the planet and its people.
We can't let them continue!
Like a meat grinder, capitalism destroys human lives! Dominated by the rich and the West, this system feeds and reproduces itself through colonialism and imperialism, which enables the expropriation of land and resources and codemn billions of people to conditions of abject poverty. Here, we workers must submit to the yoke of capitalism and settle for insecure and underpaid jobs to eat and survive. We can, therefore, buy products made by other workers in even worse conditions, exploited in Bangladesh, Thailand or Mexico. We are the cannon fodder of the corrupted political and financial elites. We could do a thousand Charbonneau inquiries, there will always be more scoundrels, because the cronyism between the political and economic elites is not the fact of a few black sheeps,  but the foundation of the capitalist system, which enables power to the rich and nothing else! Political parties, once in power,  show their true face: Far to the right, racist and xenophobe. The Parti Québécois's charter of "values" is a good example, where under the cover of secularism and gender equality, politicians want to block the right to work of thousands of immigrant women already coming from marginalized  communities.
But why would we remain idle?
Capitalism is mines, oil sands and shale gaz. It is the predicted ecological catastrophe which will spill devastation for generations to come. Capitalism is also millions of people, sick from working in inacceptable conditions, dead because their factories crumbled on them, hungry because they can't afford to eat, imprisoned because they tried to resist. Capitalism destroys our lives and our planet, but we can destroy it by joining forces! We must rise up against this world order, and reject our enslavement and those of all our fellow prisoners within the capitalist system! That's why we will end up at Place Ville-Marie, to find the rich where they get richer!
Join us in the anticapitalist march on May 1st, 2014!

Together, we are stronger!

- 8-1/2" x 11" FRENCH POSTER, six colours :

- 11" x 17" FRENCH POSTER, six colours :

- 6 french FLYERS on 11" x 17", six colours :