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International Week of Struggle against Parasites

7 June 2013 - 17:30


First Extermination: Turbo-Capitalism


Every year at the beginning of summer, for years now, Montreal has fallen prey to a strange fever. For a period of several days, the air labours under a dense and foul-smelling cloud, residents suffer from a kind of collective tinnitus, a persistent and irritating ringing which disturbs thought and sleep. Many neighbourhoods, especially downtown, are invaded by hordes of blank-faced zombies, stripped of their senses and moving mechanically under the hypnotic influence of a malevolent power.


This disturbing state of affairs is brought on by tens of thousands of parasites who swarm into our beautiful city, stifling its habitual joy of living and injecting it with a paralyzing venom.


Every year, in the month of June, Montreal falls prey to the macho and consumerist virus of the Grand Prix!


Creeping politicians and flashy de luxe dealers are pumping themselves up to suck the blood of this crowd, handed over on a giant checker-board.


Streets are blocked off so that we can be subjected to grosteque advertising and alienating shows.


The forces of repression outdo themselves to maintain the commercial peace.


This year, the Convergence of Anti-Capitalist Struggles (CLAC) is proposing an antidote:



Friday, June 7th at 5:30pm

Two meeting points:

Place Valois (Ontario/Valois in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve)

Parc Laurier (Laurier/Mentana in the Plateau)


Let's dress up our bikes and ourselves in black and white!


Come on your bicycle, rollerblades, stakeboard, scooter …

and let's take back the streets together, because the city belongs to all who live here!

Let's invade the city and take a ride - for as long as we want!


We won't let car culture drive us off the road!


Fuck the Grand Prix! Down with car culture!


6 June to 13 June: call for autonomous action!!!!

Let us know before the May 30th!!!



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International Week of Struggle against Parasites


Second Extermination: Financial Capitalism


Because misfortunes never come singly ... for 19 years now, Montreal's Formula 1 Grand Prix is immediately followed by a second parasitical invasion. More discrete, but every bit as virulent: the International Economic Forum of the Americas, otherwise known as the Conference of Montreal.


This annual meeting of capitalist parasites, Power Corp's privileged invitees, created at the same time as the World Trade Organization (WTO), has the unenviable reputation of being the "Davos of the Americas".


"The Conference of Montreal is committed to heightening knowledge and awareness of the major issues concerning economic globalization, with a particular emphasis on the relations between the Americas and other continents."


Montreal is thus invaded every year by hundreds of internationally important jerks: directors of central banks, finance ministers, industrial leaders, high-ranking officials, financial barons, chiefs of international financial institutions (World Bank, IMF, etc.) and a whole raft of profiteers of the same ilk.


From year to year, these nasty leeches, profitting from the fact that their little get-together passes under the radar, decide on the broad direction of global capitalist exploitation behind closed doors.


The very least we can do is disrupt this obscene banquet!


We will hold our own fancy cocktail party!! Formal dress strongly suggested!!

Rally 10 June at 6pm

Hilton Bonaventure

900 de la Gauchetière West (metro Bonaventure)


From 6 June to 13 June: Call for autonomous action!!!!

Let us know before May 30th!


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