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¿Contra quién es el paro cívico general indefinido que inicia el 12F 6:00AM?The Political Mass Movement of Central-Eastern Colombia have publicly declared an indefinite general strike which began at 6am on February 12th, 2013. This action is against both the transnational companies, that are stealing our natural resources, as well as the Colombian Government, which has abandoned it's obligations to the people in favor of working with the transnationals.

We call for solidarity from the entire population: indigenous people, farmers, independent workers, state workers in the sectors of health care and education, social workers, professionals, women, vendors, transportation workers, intellectuals, artists, we call on everybody to demonstrate their opposition to the theft of our natural resources and our abandonment by the government.

Since the strike is not against the people, we appeal to the social conscience of the people to understand and respect the following demands, in order to avoid the persecution of the communities of the region:
− Once again, we repeat our call on all actors involved in the armed conflict to refrain from taking any actions that might damage the peaceful character of this legitimate action in defense of our rights. They must also refrain from putting at risk the safety of any of the protesters or community in general.

− To the security apparatus of the Government, please ensure that the mobilized communities are not attacked by any of the public security forces.

− To the national and international community, please lobby and apply pressure to ensure that the Government and the transnational companies abide by the agreements they have
with the Araucan people and the people of Central-eastern Colombia.

− We thank the Araucan people for their comprehension, respect, and participation in this Indefinite General Strike that sees the permanent establishment of a dignified existence
for the human beings living on our territory.

 Arauca, Februrary 8th, 2013.