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Diego Felipe was 16 years old, he was in 11th grade, loved painting- you can see his room and it's full of drawings and graffiti everywhere. He was out one night around 10 pm with some of his friends, a police car drove by. They were young and they obviously got scared and ran away, two boys ran one way and the other two ran in the opposite direction. The police shot into the air and chased the boys; unfortunately one of the shots hit my nephew in the back and killed him". Cristina Lizarazu testimony. Aunt of Diego Felipe Becerra, urban artist who died in Bogotá on August 19th 2011

Gustavo Trejos, Diego Felipe's father concludes: "We are fighting to protect human rights and fundamental rights of young people. In this country anyone who stands out from the crowd, with a different hair style, piercings or tattoos gets directly criminalized and is immediately assumed to be a delinquent".