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Such has been the lot of thousands of labor leaders, environmentalists, and public investigators in Colombia's oil-rich state of Casanare, where for decades British Petroleum and other multinationals have hired military groups to brutalize community dissent and shut down opposition to the most egregious models of their extractive economics.

In his new film, Colombian journalist, documentarian, and friend Bladimir Sánchez Espitia interviews community leaders and family who testify to the ongoing impunity -- and the ongoing violence -- which is (at best) ignored by the pro-U.S. government in Bogotá, and which -- perhaps most importantly -- lays bare the true cost of the industrialized and post-industrialized world's addiction to cheap oil.

Bladimir Sánchez Espitia risks his life -- as do all journalists who go deep to tell these kinds of stories -- so the world can know what is happening. The documentary is available thus far only in Spanish, but if you are able, watch and share.
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