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“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.”
Karl Marx

September  9 2016.
The struggle against oppression, ignominy, for freedom, respect, equality, dignity and against slavery; begun today by prisoners in the prisons of 24 states of the United States and it shows once again the resistance and decorum of the people to shout to the world that it doesn't matter the place, the situation and much less the condition where one has to fight, the right of the people to rise up against tyranny will always be unalienable.

As political prisoners of war of the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- People’s Army), we take the most beautiful value of the people, solidarity!, to be in solidarity with our comrades the political prisoners ane the social prisoners with the reason behind them, take the indeclinable determination The decision to launch a general strike, denouncing the macabre method of slavery used by the national and multinational businesses and companies against the inmates.

We are with you all and we value immensely this struggle, this slavery cannot continue, especially when societies have reproached these acts. And why is it that a government like this one from North America that brags and talks about human rights, at the same time being the principal human rights violator? Why is the exploitation of a human being allowed and submitting them to long hours for only a couple cents the hour (or nothing) while the common citizen receives $7.25 for the same time? Because of this it is understandable the massive earnings of these businesses, all at the cost of the the labor all exhaustion of the prisoners.

From this side of the shore, as political prisoners we accompany and we support your strike, we send you all of our energies so that you can achieve your objectives in the shortest time possible; we call on all human rights organizations in the world, the social and popular sectors, to the media, that they decidedly support this important struggle, here there should be no indifference, we are here with all of our solidarity and accompaniment.

There in those cells of death and abandonment, are our revolutionary heroes SIMON TRINIDAD, and SONIA and IVAN VARGAS, to them we send a strong hug, and soon we will be together building a new Colombia.

Political Prisoners of War of the FARC-EP. Domingo Biohó Patio 4 la picota Bogotá Colombia.

Picture from Fotos Presos de la Picota -  Colectivo de presos Orlando quintero paez  - Movimiento Nacional Carcelario -


Political Prisoners