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Published in [4strugglemag Views, Thoughts, and Analysis from the Hearts and Minds of North American Political Prisoners and Friends->] San Juan de Girón (Colombia)-2009 Colombia, a country increasingly to the right, has generated in a nightmare a dangerous monster with clear ‘neofascist’ tendencies whose morbid plan is sponsored by the narco-paramilitary Alvaro Uribe Velez and his cabinet of criminals in government. Meanwhile, the entire design of this fascist phenomenon has been mentored and financed by the imperial north. Since Colombia is one of the only Latin-American countries that doesn’t joke around about fulfilling its duties as a North-American colony, it could provide a springboard from which future invasions of the southern continent were made possible but for the wave of emancipation being led by various nations like Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Argentina, etc…. Those countries have broken away from U.S. hegemony and are building their futures in an autonomous and sovereign manner devoid of the recipes and interferences of the neoliberal world. But Colombia, sadly, remains trapped in the clenches of a fistful of criminals anchored in power. These, through the most harmful and fraudulent means of corruption, mafia and violence of all kinds, try to silence the voice of opposition that echoes mostly throughout social and popular sectors. With gunpoint and prison, they attempt to bar us from the political stage of our country. There remains no doubt that the assault of uribism is conducted in large part through the medias and that it is gaining ground in various sectors where the population is subjected to manipulative tactics in civic-military programs like: ‘families in action’, ‘network of cooperators’, marches, concerts, false nationalism, etc… Meanwhile the regime’s attack is brutally felt in prisons where the INPEC (National Penitentiary and Prison Institute) is starting to play a cardinal role in ‘democratic security’, actively participating in anti-insurgency programs and other means of social control. Some of these programs are camouflaged in legal disguises like with the hackneyed ‘justice and peace law’ (JPL) that claims it applies through persuasion and force to the political parties of Colombia. Through all the aforementioned tenants of its petty plan the Uribe regime aspires to dismantle the solidarity and social organization of us political detainees and prisoners of war because we have become, from our places of confinement, a tribunal of denunciations and opinions at the national and international levels that undermine the news fabricated in the media which denies the existence of an internal conflict in Colombia. The retrograde oligarchy of our country has tried to occult this conflict throughout the ages. On account of the servile elites that are guided by uribism Colombia has become an forsaken island amid other countries that are building, by means of solidarity and autonomous efforts free from foreign influence, the great motherland of Latin America with integrative programs like: EL ALBA(Bolivian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean), TeleSUR (The New Television Station of the South), UNASUR(program for the integration and military defense of Latin America led by Brazil and not liable to interference by the Pentagon), plans for the search and exploitation of hydrocarbon coordinated by various oil companies(PDVSA, PETROBRAS amongst others). These independent developments of South American nations contrast with the total dependence of Colombia on the United States. We propose from jail to continue unveiling this fascist regime through denunciation and the providing of alternative information that shows people of the world that Colombian reality does not fall short from catastrophic. We shall continue to promote that a national constituent assembly, which includes the participation of all popular and social sectors, replace narco-uribism with a nationalist and pluralist government that governs for the masses and ties itself to the Latin American Bloc being edified by our neighbors. We propose that this government spring forth from the majorities and liberties amnestied to the more than 7200 political detainees and prisoners of war confined in Colombia.