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<strong>Annual Meeting of Criminal Profiteers

The International Economic Forum of the Americas</strong>

Main Sponsor of this meeting in Montreal
DESMARAIS, Paul Junior: President of the Board and co-chair of Power

ALBRIGHT, Madelaine: Ex-Secretary of State for the United States government.

GURRIA, Angel: Secretary General of the Organization of Economic
Development and Cooperation.

ZOELLICK, Robert B: President of the World Bank Group.

STRAUSS-KAHN, Dominique: Director General of the International Monetary
Fund (IMF)

URIBE VÉLEZ, Alvaro: President of Colombia, governs a brutally repressive
regime, one of the bloodiest in the Americas today</strong>

RALLY Monday, June 8, 2009
From 11:30AM to 1PM
In front of the Hilton Bonaventure
900 de la Gauchetière West – metro Bonaventure</h3>

<strong>Organized by :</strong>
Unemployed Committee of Montreal (CSE) :
Project Accompaniment and Solidarity with Colombia (PASC) :
<strong>Supported by :</strong>
Tamil community,
Tamil Action Committee,
Immigrant Workers Centre,
Centre for Filipine Concerns,
Lamour textile workers committee,
No One Is Illegal – Mtl / Personne n'est illégal Mtl,
Solidarité Sans Frontière / Solidarity Across Borders,
Réseau de la Commission populaire sur les mesures sécuritaires en immigration,
Bloquez l’Empire Montréal (BLEM),
Comité de coordinnation et d’action des femmes de diverses origines pour le 8 mars,
Centre Social Autogéré,
Organisation Populaire des Droits Sociaux (OPDS)
Q-PIRG Concordia

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We refuse to pay for their crisis!</strong>

This coming June 8 to 11, 2009, hundreds of political and economic leaders
of the most influential in the world, are meeting in downtown Montreal.
Under the banner of “Adapting to the New World Order”, these crooks will
discuss the ongoing  impoverishment of people across the globe, the
continuing transfer of funds from public to private hands, and their
feeding frenzy on the corpse of an economic system that only serves to
enrich themselves.

While millions of people suffer the violence and disenfranchisement of a
unprecedented economic, social and environmental crisis, these criminals
organize meetings to maintain their power and the status quo. While
thousands of homes seized by banks that have been bailed out by taxpayers’
money, workers everywhere are losing their jobs and pensions.  People are
starving and the suits only plan and organize to make sure they don’t lose
one cent of their wealth, their privilege, comfort and security.

The Desmarais, our own homegrown multi-billionaire family who have built
their dynasty on telling us what to think and do for generations with
their ‘Power Corporation’, boast of hosting this event, the most important
economic forum in the Americas.

Among the impressive guest of reknown criminals, is the notorious Alvaro
Uribe Velez, President of Colombia who is responsible for many crimes
against humanity, and has close ties to the brutal paramilitary forces.
Uribe also heads the Colombian Army, which is accused of killing over 1000
civilians since 2003. Those who dare to criticize Uribe’s policies and the
economic interests that back his repressive regime are often accused of
“terrorism”, and are unjustly detained or assassinated. Uribe’s visit
takes place precisely when the Canadian Parliament is about to ratify
their Free Trade Agreement with the Colombian Government. Ratifying this
agreement means that Canadian MPs become accomplices to the crimes of a government that has been denounced internationally for the systematic
violation of human rights.

These profiteers are rarely disturbed while they meet and plan the ongoing
impoverishment and exploitation of working people everywhere.

<strong>Their impunity can only last as long as we allow it.

Denounce the impunity now!</strong>

Organized by the Unemployed Committee of Montreal,, and the Project Accompaniment and Solidarity
with Colombia,