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Announcing the Anti-capitalist demonstration organized to celebrate Mayday: International Workers’ Day Saturday, May 1, 2010 4PM Square St-Louis (in front of métro Sherbrooke) Organized by the Anti-capitalist Convergence 2010 (CLAC 2010)--- Capitalism is Crisis Enough is Enough! Take the streets! Capitalism generates social inequality that shamelessly exploits human and natural resources. This system destroys the lives of millions of people, women in particular. It impoverishes people living in the North and in the Global South, producing massive lay-offs and budget cuts that only serve the rich. This is done with the blessing of governments of all nation-states. Unemployment in so-called developed countries has increased exponentially since the crisis began in 2007, now more than 13,7 million workers are unemployed. In 2009 alone, 12 million people became unemployed. 212 million people are unemployed worldwide. This means that since 2007, there are 24 million more people surviving without employment. If we don’t include the figures for half of the world’s workforce that is currently laboring in precarious employment, there are 633 million workers and their families who survive on $1.25 daily (statistics for 2008). For 3 fourths of humanity, especially for women and migrants who are on the frontlines of the brutal impacts of capitalist disaster, this is catastrophic. Capitalism generates successive economic crisis, which never affects the gusset of bosses and leaders. Look at the 100 wealthiest Canadian bosses who have reaped 174 times more in profits then the average salary of their employees in 2008. Beyond the astronomic subsidies, the tax credits and tax breaks that they are granted; they are paid salaries, bonuses and benefits that are utterly indecent. Neither capitalism, nor patriarchy can be reformed or made humane. With each crisis these systems become increasingly unjust and devastating. While resources become progressively rare, the leaders seek to steal the natural resources from the Global South by force and by aggressive warfare. As people resist and rebel, armies and police forces are deployed in more repressive fashion. We are many who wonder what will happen to humanity in the coming years. Bloody imperialist wars that use the rape of women as a weapon to uphold a system that breeds enormous social inequalities and crushing poverty that kills thousands of people on a daily basis, many of whom are women and children; a system that lives on the brazen exploitation of natural resources and that brings famine, sickness and displacement to entire populations; a world of unprecedented social crisis, of massive lay-offs and job loss, impoverishment of entire regions of the planet, wand unaccountable deaths caused by pollution, the destruction of eco-systems and the disappearances of flora and fauna, etc. While women and non-status workers are increasingly vulnerable, and thousands of immigrants live in fear of deportation, the governing class attempts to convince us that we must sacrifice to save this system! We do not profess to have The Solution. However, we do firmly believe that our collective well-being cannot be achieved within the capitalist system. Moreover, women can never be liberated from the centuries-long exploitation and subjugation imposed upon them by patriarchy. We represent thousands who stand in indignation and rage. We believe that there is no place for the prevailing pessimism. There is no safety to be found in individualism. People need to find the time, the energy and the will to struggle. We do not have the money or the prestige; our power resides in numbers. This May 1, 2010 join your voice with the millions of workers and unemployed, non-status workers, women, indigenous and the oppressed in the global struggle … and take the streets! Saturday, May 1, 2010 4PM at Square St-Louis (in front of métro Sherbrooke) This Mayday demonstration is organized by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC 2010), a coalition of anti-capitalist individuals and collectives currently working together on a political campaign to educate and mobilize against the upcoming G20 gathering in Toronto to take place on the 25, 26 of June 2010. For more information about the Mayday demonstration or the mobilization against the G20 in Toronto contact: Emmenez vos contacts faire un tour. Essayez Messenger version mobile
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