Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie


Résultats de la recherche

  1. STOP canadian free trad agreement with Colombia

    control of the land, allows them to act in total impunity and instead publicly denounces national ... by paramilitaries. On October 14th, the paramilitaries attacked and killed Walberto Hoyos, a peasant acting ... devastating social and environmental impacts. We demand the Canadian government acts so that President Uribe (...)

  2. Deportation of an international investigator from Colombia

    Christina Friederika Muller deported from Colombia. Investigator with Masters in Communications We, the below signed organisations, members of the Network of Solidarity and Friendship with Colombia denounce to the national and international community the (...)

  3. Threats from recent days have become actions

    in the Humanitarian Zone of Andalucia, Cano Claro. These acts of intimidation seem to be the manifestation (...)

  4. Death threats sent to Human Rights organizations

    "Águilas Negras." Tambi­­én quiero animarle que su gobierno trabaje decididamente en el desmonte real (...)

  5. Business leader seeks hired killer, ordering assassinations of Ligia Maria Chaverra and Manuel Denis Blandon.

    of the Carmen del Darién City Council [are related], according to him, “because this act should be carried out ... Brigade, with full and exact identification of the units that act in protection of illegality; immediate (...)

  6. Justicia y Paz member stalked

    of the ‘para-corporate’ vision, accusing the communities and the human rights organisations of carrying out terrorist acts ... by the same people who acted as false witnesses in numerous judicial processes against our accompaniment (...)

  7. S.O.S. for the communities of Catatumbo

    The Association for the Promotion of Social Alternatives, MINGA, the Progresar Foundation and the Committee of Social Integration in Catatumbo, CISCA, denounce before the national and international community the aggravation of the human rights crisis in t (...)

  8. I 81 Paramilitary assault against community leaders of the regions of Caño Manso and Curvaradó

    Cano Manso leaders received gunshot wounds during an operation in Belén de Bajirá Reminder: Afro-Colombian communities of the Curvarado and Jiguamiando underwent a forced displacement in 1997during a joint operation by the national army and paramilitary f (...)


    that the guerrillas act through the “NGOs in the region”; branding as such Corporación Sembrar, the Miners Federation (...)

  10. I 82- National Army Brigade 17 supports illegality

    INFORME 82 CURVARADO – JIGUAMIANDO National Army Brigade 17 supports illegality Intimidation of the community leader EUSTAQUIO POLO, corporate infiltration inside the Incoder, preparation of the forest cutting in Jiguamiando, negative effects of palm pest (...)