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  1. Colombia’s Gold Rush: The Silver Lining for Paramilitaries and Guerrillas

    multinational mining companies over small to medium scale local miners. While this new gold rush represents ... sector, it seems that paramilitary and guerrilla groups have identified new-found fuel for their fire. ... revealed a surge in death threats from the right-wing paramilitary group—the New Generation of Black (...)

  2. Development must not trump indigenous rights in the Americas


  3. Afro-Colombian Resistance in La Guajira

    are a testament to globalization's remarkable ability to seek out and penetrate new markets. For most ... in the Graduate Program in International Affairs at The New School in New York City Source: Counterpunch RECLAME (...)

  4. Conflict with the Canadian Gran Tierra: Union President Survives Assassination Attempt


  5. What the President's cousin says on Marmato is what the government does


  6. Popular revolt against gold mining

    /202-triunfo-la-movilizacion-contra-el-proyecto-minero-en-santurban Source: WRM's bulletin Nº; 167 (...)

  7. Teacher Trade Unionist and oponent to the Canadian company Quedada Assassinated


  8. La Colosa: the quest for El Dorado in Cajamarca, Colombia


  9. Canadian Greystar: Water Inspires Strange Bedfellows

    that application to bring in a new one for a redesigned, underground mine. The short-lived but significant victory ... their anti-mining campaign through water’s unifying lens. The coalition started growing and taking a new shape when (...)

  10. Páramos free of large-scale mining: an obligation of the Colombian authorities

    This statement from the Colombian Network Against Large Scale Transnational Mining, RECLAME, follows Greystar Resources's decision to withdraw its request for an environmental permit for its Angostura project in the Colombian páramos of Santurbán. (...)