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  1. Lessons from Santurbán: Canadian mining company Greystar's project in Santander

    Español Français Social mobilization and a growing awareness of the environmental effects of Greystar’s proposed mine in Santurbán--including the contamination of water that supplies some of the inhabitants of Santander and feeds the Lebrija, Pamplonita a (...)

  2. A Canadian Company Is Destroying the Environment and the Water In Colombia

    Colombia, South America, is a poor country with a history of violence and political instability but also is a very rich land, full of good and hopeful people. (...)

  3. The Ultimate Dream of a Multinational: To Have an Army at its Service


  4. The Canadian mineable pattern: institutionalized plundering and impunity


  5. Canadian business and state denounced by a Canadian in Brussels, due to their complicitness in murdering of Colombian Indigenous


  6. Land and Conflict: Canadian Companies in Colombia


  7. Alberta's Crude Business in Colombia

    place to be a trade unionist. Since 1996, Colombia’s National Trade Union School (ENS) has recorded ... and gas sector. ENS numbers show that in 2008, 46 trade union members were assassinated, 157 were (...)

  8. Multinational Corporations, Rentier Capitalism, and the War System in Colombia


  9. Canadian company Enbridge Spreads Disaster in Colombia


  10. Francisco Ramirez: Colombian mineworkers resist global assault