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  1. Agreement at Cerrejón Colombia

    that began on 9 February after their union signed a new collective agreement that provides improved working ... the new collective agreement and workers will return to work as normal at what is the world’s biggest ... in the department of La Guajira. Workers requiring specialized medical care will have access to new rehabilitation (...)

  2. "Piqueteros" Colombian style


  3. SINTRACARBON obliged to decree the beginning of the strike against Carbones del Cerrejon ltd

    ://ón,-obligado-a-decretar-la-hora-cero-de-la-huelga-en-carbones-del-cerrejón.html A strike (...)

  4. Who is the target of the indefinite general strike that began on February 12th at 6:00 am?


  5. Chiquita Republic United Fruit’s heir has again been linked to paramilitary abuses in Colombia.

    the Rainforest Alliance says it does not certify Banacol farms in the Curvaradó region, where the new accusations ... for the region’s Afro-Colombian population. The statement did not mention a prohibition on new development projects ... and Banacol, but also of the paramilitaries, who continue to operate in the zone under a new name—Águilas (...)

  6. Seventh day of pipeline blockade against multinational oil corporations in the Colombian region of Arauca


  7. A mining park in Santurbán?

    the stream called La Baja. Look at ( economia/local186676-en ... International Development Agency, contributed to the drafting of the new mining code.” That is how Santos ... Espectador, we found Noam Chomsky‟s letter. In the words of The New York Times, Chomsky is “probably the most (...)

  8. Resistance in the South West


  9. HUMAN rights activists visited Scotland last week...


  10. Lands and Conflict: Extractive Industries in Colombia