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  1. Femicide Law passed, a Victory for the Women’s Movement in Colombia

    On June 2, the House of Representatives passed one of the grand initiatives of the women’s movement, The Rosa Elvira Celis Law. This law classifies and condemns femicides with sentences of 20-50 years in prison, without the right to reduce the sentence. W (...)

  2. Participate to Caravan for the Defense of Life and the Land


  3. Invitacion a participar a la caravanapara la defensa de la vida y del territorio


  4. A Path of Resistance, Solidarity, Memory, and Dignity

    gathered on a new date to achieve a better balance between what have become the laws of victims, ... demobilization of the Catatumbo block of self-defense, a new phase of militarization of the region began. (...)

  5. Entreprises extractives et groupes armés: tracer les liens de collusion


  6. Comunidades del Meta dialogan con Pacific Rubiales en medio del paro


  7. Communities from Meta dialogue with Pacific Rubiales Energy after Social Strike


  8. Caravane pour la défense du territoire


  9. Why the US Government is pushing for the liberation of “Simón Trinidad” of the FARC-EP

    The lawyer of “Simón Trinidad,” the chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –FARC- currently imprisoned in the United States, announced that the negotiations for the liberation of his defendant have advanced to “high-level talks” between the C (...)

  10. Colombia: The Nasa community of Bellavista under attack