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  1. Familias campesinas del norte de Nariño temen perder todo a causa de la gran minería


  2. The back story to the CIDA-mining partnership

    This is not a genuine innovation, as a beleaguered CIDA claims, but a new perversion of the old discredited tied aid (...)

  3. Police break up strike at La Caypa mine, property of the Canadian Pacific Coal


  4. Les femmes résistent à l'exploitation par les minières canadiennes


  5. Extractivismo minero, conflicto y resistencia social


  6. Greystar to Eco-Oro: a Greenwashing operation

    works hard to establish environmentally friendly image with the new eco-friendly name. Moreover, after ... plants, as it depicted in its new Corporate Presentation, it cannot reverse environmental damage that it will cause by mining activities  [3]. However, Eco Oro is very optimistic about its new project despite (...)

  7. Colombian gold-mining village fights to stay put

    by ongoing violence. And these efforts to restore land to displaced people have themselves triggered a new ... Mining development is also an increasingly sore issue throughout Colombia. Under new mining laws crafted ... to a new hospital now under construction in the principal area where the company proposes to resettle (...)

  8. Represión de la huelga en la mina Caypa, propiedad de la Canadiense Pacific Coal


  9. Minería y resistencias en América Latina: ¿Hacia el post-extractivismo y el buen vivir?


  10. Video: Comisión de Canadá y EE.UU. critica proyecto en Marmato