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  1. In Cauca Province of Colombia, Indigenous People Fight Back Against Government and FARC

    President Juan Manuel Santos announced the arrival of 28,000 troops Tuesday in Colombia's southwestern Cauca department, where a recent surge in violence has forced thousands from their homes. The new ... visited the town to announce a new security strategy aimed at tackling FARC activity in Cauca. Police (...)

  2. Cauca: Le peuple autochtone nasa s’oppose à l’armé et à la guérilla des Farc


  3. Canada’s Promotion of Mining Industry Belies Claims of Corporate Social Responsibility

    2006, the new President repeated the call for a ban on open-pit mining, struck a new commission to redraft the mining law, [4] and put a moratorium on any new mining concessions. [5] The Honduran private ... in a mining law that would better serve the people’s interests. [7] By May 2009, a new draft  mining bill (...)

  4. Cauca: Les médias de communication officiels font écho aux mensonges des militaires

    central de l’Organisation de Nations Unies (ONU) de New York et a souligné que l’armée colombienne (...)

  5. World Bank Group Opens Case on Eco Oro Minerals' Gold Mine in Fragile Colombian Wetlands


  6. La vieja maldición de la minería


  7. Pueblos indígenas del Putumayo caminado la palabra por la Paz, la Dignidad, la Vida, el Territorio y la perviencia en nuestros pueblos


  8. 400 residents occupy military base in Colombia's troubled Cauca department


  9. 1º de Agosto, 2012 Día de Acción Continental Contra la Industria Extractiva Canadiense a Gran Escala


  10. The Divided Guajira

    of San Juan and the new multimode port Brisas in Dibulla, which they have started to plan. It is a new (...)