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  1. Comunicado Diócesis de Magangue (Bolívar) por ejecución extrajudicial del líder ALEJANDRO URIBE

    DeVer 295 Nuestra Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz reenvía el Comunicado de Monseñor JORGE LEONARDO GOMEZ SERNA, obispo de la Diócesis de Magangue, departamento de Bolívar, denunciando la ejecución extrajudicial del líder campesino ALEJANDRO URIBE (...)

  2. Canadian company Enbridge Spreads Disaster in Colombia

    references its new human rights policy; and like Enbridge, annual signoff of this Code is a condition ... According to Real Assets, "The OCENSA consortium...has promulgated a new policy that commits ... ensuring that OCENSA employees and security providers abide by the new rules. For example, OCENSA (...)

  3. Francisco Ramirez: Colombian mineworkers resist global assault

    “anti-narcotic” teams protect CIA drug operations and the mining / oil concessions. There are planned new bases ... to let her draft a new mining code. Her draft surfaced in April 1996. Two articles directly favoured ... But in 1999 the Colombian government hired a new legal team to draw up a fresh code. This time the influence (...)