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  2. Pacific Rubiales forced to leave Campo Rubiales

    the production.  This might result in the arrival of a new company in the region. For the social and labouring ... for Choapo, corporation based in Meta, is considering new perspectives: «It is possible that the Gaitán community will negotiate demands with the new company.  Aspects such as the rationalization of the region’s (...)

  3. Colombia oilfield move seen challenging Ecopetrol, Canada's Pacific Rubiales

    investment. Pacific Rubiales still has the option of submitting a new proposal to continue operating the field (...)

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  7. BP faces High Court trial for environmental damage in Colombia


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  9. Communities in Casanare Speak Out Against Petroleum Exploitation and Canadian Company Talisman Energy

    :// 2 (...)

  10. The government of Canada and Canadian mining companies on trial