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  1. Interessé.e à faire de l'accompagnement en Colombie?


  2. Victoire partielle pour la population de Marmato contre la Gran Colombia Gold

    /Newsroom/News-Releases/News-Releases-Page/News-Releases-Details/2012/Gran-Colombia-announces-discovery-of-new-deep (...)

  3. The residents of Marmato detain open-pit mining in their territory, impede the resettlement of their municipal centre and prohibit the demolition of local heritage

    for an open pit mine)  and erase the name “New Marmato” from all articles. 2. Keep the municipal centre ... to be renamed “New Marmato,” which is located less than a kilometre as the crow flies from the actual municipal (...)

  4. Gobierno Nacional engañó a mineros colombianos


  5. En riesgo pobladores del Sur de Bolívar


  6. Proyecto Mesoamérica: El mensaje de Obama a los gobiernos latinoamericanos


  7. Mesoamerica Project: Obama’s Message to the Latin American Governments

    Project’s framework, which is the new version of the Plan Puebla-Panama (PPP). Launched by the Mexican ... with energy, as well as new means of communication within the region, to better enable trade. The PPP ... projects until June 2008, when the Villahermosa Declaration was signed, replacing the PPP with the “new (...)

  8. Minería ilegal es objetivo militar: Santos


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