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  1. Trade agreements let Canadian companies make Colombian law

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  2. David and Goliath: the struggle in Pio XII

    Español Français The veredas (administrative districts) of Pio XII and Orotoy de Guamal, in the Meta department of Colombia, have been campaigning since February to prevent Ecopetrol from operating an exploratory well on the “La Porfía” property. The orga (...)

  3. Big Win for Colombian Community Against Canadian Mining Giant

    Español Français The Indigenous and Afro-Colombian community of Marmato won a major court victory in their 10-year fight against a massive Canadian gold mine. In February 2017, Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the residents of Marmat (...)

  4. 98% of Cajamarca Residents Vote Against Gold Mining in Colombia


  5. Mayors in Cundinamarca won’t allow mineral exploitations in páramos


  6. The fight continues for the protection of the Sumapaz páramo


  7. Government not doing enough on violence near Canadian-owned mines: Report


  8. A caravan in defense of life and territory: Impunity still on its pedestal


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  10. Crude Gold;storys of injustice in Colombia