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  1. 1º de Agosto, 2012 Día de Acción Continental Contra la Industria Extractiva Canadiense a Gran Escala


  2. The Divided Guajira

    of San Juan and the new multimode port Brisas in Dibulla, which they have started to plan. It is a new (...)

  3. Conflicto Laboral en Nestlé Bugalagrande

    En las horas de la noche del 26 de Mayo de 2012, terminaron las conversaciones entre Sinaltrainal y Nestlé, que se realizaban en el Hotel Guadalajara de Buga, sin que haya sido posible lograr un acuerdo sobre el pliego de peticiones presentado por Sinaltr (...)

  4. Profiting from Repression: Canadian Investment in and Trade with Colombia

    presented in bold type in this report is new information; that presented in normal type is from the 2006 edition of the report which is still relevant. About 80% of the information is new. Published by Canadian (...)

  5. La Colombie à la direction du BIT?


  6. Colombie: Soutenir la ténacité syndicale face au désastre social


  7. Amazonian Indigenous Visit Parliament, Demand Talisman Leave Territory

    today during a press conference on Parliament Hill. The press conference was sponsored by New Democratic ... have adopted a steadfast opposition to any new oil activities on their lands. In 2008 and 2010 Achuar (...)

  8. Les multinationales au cœur du conflit colombien


  9. La violenta realidad de Repsol


  10. Small-Scale Miners in Nariño Face Crackdown as Foreign Companies Set Sights on Colombia

    of a new mining code in 2001 and new policies meant to crackdown on informal mining, the Colombian ... between small-scale miners and multinationals, and that along with passing new regulations it is providing ... how new government policies can benefit them. "It's hard to tell which is better, having (...)