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Résultats de la recherche

  1. Comunidades de toda Colombia se encuentran en Medellín para discutir problemáticas minero-energéticas en busca de la defensa del territorio


  2. «Ils vont créer des institutions… par insurrection»


  3. Resistiendo al Despojo de la locomotora minero-energética


  4. Small-farm families in northern Nariño stand to lose their land to mining companies

    the surface. Then the land began to acquire a new use, causing great uncertainty and conflict as residents were ... 500–700 meters below the surface, was initially placed here. But then new drilling sites were set up ... Development Agency (CIDA) and the World Bank.   The new version of the law gives foreign companies the same (...)

  5. Capitalismo gangsteril y despojo territorial


  6. Familias campesinas del norte de Nariño temen perder todo a causa de la gran minería


  7. Extractivismo minero, conflicto y resistencia social


  8. Colombian gold-mining village fights to stay put

    by ongoing violence. And these efforts to restore land to displaced people have themselves triggered a new ... Mining development is also an increasingly sore issue throughout Colombia. Under new mining laws crafted ... to a new hospital now under construction in the principal area where the company proposes to resettle (...)

  9. Minería transnacional y resistencias sociales en Africa y América Latina


  10. Marmato municipal council prohibits open-pit mining and resettlement of historic centre

    the name “New Marmato” from all articles. 2. Keep the municipal centre in the Historic Area, including ... the resettlement of the municipal centre to El Llano at the bottom of the mountain, to be renamed “New Marmato,” (...)